John Cook Memorial Page

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John Charles Cook, 42, was born March 23, 1969 in San Diego and passed away August 13, 2011 at his home near the Transtower in Walnut Grove, California. A benign brain tumor was discovered in June 2010 and successfully removed in September. John was able to return to work in January 2011 and was making strides toward a full recovery.

Cook was a respected radio broadcast engineer in the Sacramento market. He worked at Family Radio for many years and more recently was employed by Educational Media Foundation (EMF). John was an amateur radio operator (N6VQJ) and served as Vice President of the Sacramento Amateur Radio Club. He was also an active member of SBE Chapter 43.

John will be greatly missed by his family and many friends.

Messages from Members and Friends

I was just as stunned as others at John's sudden passing. A good guy in every sense of the word. He went through some extremely serious surgery a year or so ago and was doing just great. Now – suddenly – this. I miss him and will continue to do so.

Happy Trails, John – wherever you are.

— Dale Tucker

John always had a great sense of humor and enjoyed going out to lunch with the guys. We miss his smile, and he was a great team member here at EMF Broadcasting.

Our prayers go out to his family and friends at this most difficult time.

— Dan Ethen

John Cook was a good friend, but more than that, he was a lover of God. His compassionate heart was evident for all to see, and his smiling face was a blessing to all who knew him. He will be missed!

— Rheina Boyd