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We are sad to note the passing of William Richard "Rich" Green on June 21, 2015. Rich had many friends in the broadcast engineering community.

Born in Virginia, May 31, 1942, Rich first began working in electronics, repairing television sets in his uncle's shop at age 12. By age 17, Rich was already doing design work on a directional AM array for station WLPM in Suffolk, Virginia. Later, Rich spent time working for the telephone company in Norfolk, and occasionally joked about the many banks of stepping relays prevalent at that time. Rich studied electronics at the College of William and Mary, then later at Merced College. He was also a lab instructor and did psychology research at Humboldt State University, while at the same time engineered at many of the radio and television stations in and nearby Eureka.

In Sacramento, Rich worked in customer service for Paul Gregg at the Elcom/Bauer transmitter plant, where among other tasks, he constructed, tested, and installed the WWVH 10 KW transmitters on Kauai, Hawaii. Rich also collaborated with Jim Olver of Jampro Antenna Company on numerous broadcast antenna projects. He later formed his own broadcast consulting firm, W. Richard Green and Associates, and helped with the allocation and licensing of many broadcast facilities in California, Nevada, and nationwide. Rich had an affinity for collecting old broadcast RF parts and equipment, and could often be relied upon as an emergency source for hard-to-find transmitter and transmission line parts. Over the years, Rich cultivated many friends and colleagues in the broadcast community.

We'll miss you, Rich!

— Jeff Browne, Retired Broadcast Engineer

— Dale Harry, Sierra Broadcast Services

Messages from Members and Friends

Rich Green was one of the really nice guys in broadcasting. Always happy and smiling. Very sorry to see him go.

— Tom Hughes

We will miss Rich. He helped KYCC many times. We could always count on Rich to meet whatever demands we had in the engineering field. He spent many hours working to get FCC approval for our recent expansion. So sorry to hear of his passing.

— Shirley Garner, General Manager

On the personal side, Rich had a hand in many of our careers, and if you were lucky, Rich would share some of his knowledge with you, and if you were incredibly lucky, Rich and Artie would share their lives with you! Rich Green's brilliance was like a fireworks show, if you didn't look or listen, you missed something of beauty! We love you Rich, and we will think of you often, especially when we constantly refer to some of your techniques or just a good memory. We all look forward to seeing you again when we finally graduate as well.

— Jay Rose, Jay Rose Broadcast Engineering