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William James "Karp" Karpisek. Born February 12, 1920 in DeWitt, Nebraska; passed away June 12, 2005 in Sacramento at the age of 85. Preceded in death by his loving wife, Alice in 1980. Forever remembered by daughters and husbands, Rick and Kathy Blankenship, John and Nancy Richards, and grandchildren Jennifer, Tyrel, Katie, Travis, and great-grandchildren Chloe and Paris. He will be missed by all of his friends.

Karpisek worked for more than 30 years at KCRA-TV and retired as Director of Engineering. Following this he worked for the D.O.D. A memorial service will be held on Friday, June 17, at 10 AM, at Andrews and Greilich Mortuary, 3939 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento.

Messages from Members and Friends

Along with my remembrances of Bill "Karp" Karpisek, I'd like to add a little KCRA-TV history.

Prior to coming to work for KCRA-TV, I had known Karp and Herb Hartman for several years while I worked at KZTV/KOLO-TV Reno. At that time, Herb was Chief Engineer and Karp was Transmitter Supervisor. Both of them and Ken Blue had been in radio in Arizona, Sacramento, and other places for many years. They, along with several others, commuted to the John O'Connell Trade School in San Francisco several nights a week to learn TV.

With the impending construction of Sacramento's first "tall tower" and the planning involved with that project, Herb was made Director of Engineering, Karp was made Chief Engineer, and I was hired as Transmitter Supervisor.

Some time following completion of Transtower, Herb left KCRA-TV to go into business for himself as Research Derivatives Inc. and Karp became Director of Engineering. The remainder of my time at KCRA-TV was spent as Transmitter Supervisor with the exception of one year. The Kelly family asked Karp to go to Tacoma to supervise the construction of their station there. Karp asked that I take the position of Chief Engineer while he was in Tacoma.

During the twenty-three years we worked together, there were two things I never questioned about Karp. One was his technical knowledge and the other was his dedication to doing the best possible job for the Kelly family.

— Tom Hughes